Welcome to EDU-CERT : the Moroccan Academic Computer Emergency Response Team

EDU-CERT is the Computer Security Incident Response Team of MARWAN, the wide area network for the education and research community of Morocco.

The constituency of EDU-CERT are the institutions and organizations connected to MARWAN Network

The mission and goals of EDU-cert are to :            

puce rouge Support and coordinate security incident response within the constituency

puce rouge Serve as a trusted point of contact for security incident-related information

puce rouge Improve awareness and knowledge of IT security among the constituents

puce rouge Provide early detection of security incidents affecting MARWAN Network

puce rouge Keep contact with other CSIRT/CERT teams and cooperate with national and international CERT organisations


More information can be found in the description document according to RFC 2350 .


We are Member of Africa Cert and Listed by Trusted Introducer: 


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